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Westerhall Rum party gives RORC Transatlantic fleet a taste of things to come

The crews for the inaugural RORC Transatlantic Race have been enjoying some shore-based indulgence ahead of the race start on Saturday.

Last night Grenada’s Westerhall Rum brought a taste of the Caribbean to the island of Lanzarote. Rum punch cocktails were consumed with gusto, along with a tasting selection of Westerhall’s premium brands: Plantation Rum, Vintage and the recently released 7 year old Dark.
Nick Kingsman, Director of Westerhall Rum UK, said, “This race embodies many shared values with Westerhall Rums; heritage, tradition, quality and refinement. Many sailors enjoy rum and we hope that this introduction to our distinctive brand will be a lasting memory.”The race crews will need to cover 2,700 miles of ocean before being able to sample Grenadian rum at its source. That’s one more incentive to sail safe and sail fast.

Photos: James Mitchell
Full gallery here.

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