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A World’s First! Chess match played on the sea at Cesme Marina, Turkey

Ukrainian Grandmaster Vladimir Baklan and Turkish Grandmaster Kıvanç Haznedaroğlu made an exhibition chess match on the sea platform at Çeşme Marina. It was a first in the world!

Organised by Çeşme Municipality and supported by Turkey Chess Federation (TSF) and Youth and Sports Services Ministry, a platform on the pontoons of Cesme Marina was formed to host the 5th International Open Çeşme Chess Tournament.


TSF President Gülkız TULAY, Provincial Director of Youth and Sports Services Emin KÜÇÜK, Deputy Mayor of Çeşme Şakir KARADEDE, Çeşme Marina General Manager Can AKALTAN, chess players and citizens all watched the chess match between the two grandmasters, which lasted one hour and resulted in a draw.

Gülkız TULAY, TSF President spoke at the ceremony, said, “Two grandmasters have played a wonderful chess match within the beautiful setting of Çeşme Marina. The scenery is outstanding and the event a pleasure to support with Cesme Municipality.”

Can AKALTAN, Çeşme Marina General Manager, comments, “We are very proud to be a part of this ‘World’s First’ chess event on our pontoons at Çeşme Marina and delighted that we could help provide a calm and serene environment for the chess match to happen!”


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