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IC Çeşme Marina receives a Zero Waste certificate for its environmental projects and zero waste practices

Zero Waste is an eco-friendly program by the Provincial Directorate of Environment and urbanization, encouraging local businesses to implement their own environmental projects.

Participating in the Zero Waste initiative, Cesme Marina commits to prioritising the environment with specific projects focused on creating a more sustainable environment for everyone to enjoy.

The environmental initiatives at Cesme Marina and part of the ZERO WASTE initiative include;
  • LOCAL COMMUNITY – The marina works directly with the local community and educational universities to develop new ideas developing marine life and ecology in the marina. Projects such as, planting of mussels, coral, and releasing trepangs. These marine life projects are monitored throughout the year to map out optimal marine life and the data collected is used to monitor more educational projects
  • CULTURAL HERITAGE – 85 olive trees are cared for within the marina. Culturally, olives play a vital part in the Mediterranean atmosphere, by nurturing the olive trees the heritage of the plant can continue on for many more generations to enjoy. Recycled water from the Cesme Marina estate is used to water the olive trees. An annual festival harvesting the olives from the trees provides an activity and education for marina staff and friends to enjoy
  • WATER FILTER SYSTEM – Cesme Marina applies a filter system under-boat washing areas and ensure only environmentally friendly cleaning products are used as cleaning products
  • FOOD WASTE – Cesme Marina reduces food waste, by transporting and offering un-eaten food from the businesses onsite to local shelters and to help the local community. This activity also raises awareness of local food shelters

IC Çeşme Marina will continue to develop the environmental projects throughout the year and will continue to develop the Zero Waste initiatives for more businesses and other marinas to develop into the future.

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