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The winner of Çeşme Marina Backgammon Tournament Announced

The 2nd Çeşme Marina Backgammon Tournament of 2019 was held on Saturday, October 12th at the Çeşme Marina Sir Winston Pub.

This tournament also sponsored by Reeder, and supported by Cesme Marina and the Sir Winston Pub. This year, 36 players participated in the tournament.


Saturday morning, the participants started to play backgammon after the draw. Until the quarter finals, the matches were determined by a single elimination procedure. After the draw drawn between the quarter-finalists, the tournament was continued with double elimination. After 6 hours, Yüksel KAMAY and Recep ARI were the finalists. As a result of final match over the set of 5, Recep ARI became the second champion of 2019 and won the mobile phone gifted by Reeder and Special Backgammon. Yüksel KAMAY, who was the second in the tournament, and Atilla DEMİREL, the third, were given tablets by Reeder.

Çeşme Marina Commercial Affairs Manager Toker GÜRER commented:

“We would like to thank all our competitors and stakeholders for this beautiful backgammon tournament. Reeder was with us in this tournament, we will be back with the participants with new surprises in our tournaments in 2020.”


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