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2017 Annual events for Cesme Marina

An awe-inspiring annual event is once again set to thrill both participants and spectators alike in late summer

In just a few short years, the Aegean Link Cup – organised with the cooperation of the International Cesme Yacht Club (ICYC) and Cesme Marina, has gained a reputation as a major maritime competition in the north Aegean.

Aegean Link held on 23-27 August 2017 with EAYK, sponsored by ARKAS

The event takes the form of two 15-mile races, expertly marshalled by the ICYC, while Cesme, with its excellent facilities and amenities, is the perfect host marina for this thrilling event.

You’ll feel the buzz in the air even before anyone takes to the water! It all starts with a detailed briefing for the participants and the marshals, during which the routings and instructions are shared. Once all preparations have been made, the real excitement begins.

And that’s not just for the competitors because even if you’re a spectator, just the sight of so many vessels setting sail will take your breath away.

To find out more about the Aegean Link Cup, please click here 


More dates for your diary

11 March – 7 May 2017
Izmir Winter Trophy

You won’t have to wait until late summer to enjoy the delights of sailing boat racing because Cesme Marina will also be playing host to another great competition – the Izmir Winter Trophy, which runs from the bracing, dramatic days of March through to the gentler, more clement month of May, with its North African winds adding their own dynamic to proceedings.

And to find out more about the Izmir Winter Trophy contact the International Cesme Yacht Club

Here are the scheduled dates:

11 – 12 March 2017
2017 Izmir Winter Trophy 3rd Leg Races

1 – 2 April 2017
2017 Izmir Winter Trophy 4th Leg Races

22 – 23 April 2017
2017 Izmir Winter Trophy 5th Leg Races

6 – 7 May 2017
2017 Izmir Winter Trophy 6th Leg Races

18 May 2017
Season Opening Party

If you love yachting, sailing, racing and the Aegean, then you’ll also fall in love with Cesme Marina – an elegant, romantic and vivacious port village set in a natural harbour, sensitively integrated within the traditional maritime city of picturesque Cesme.

And to discover more about Cesme Marina, and all that it has to offer you this summer season, click on our things to do page

It’s time to seriously consider setting sail for Cesme Marina.


For more information on the any of the regattas or to discover more about Cesme Marina and all that it has to offer this summer season please get in touch

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