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Gastro Tour from Three Cities - Malta

There is no denying the passion Maltese has as a small nation, and this is most apparent in their love and appreciation for food! This is evident by the fresh local produce and ingredients used, time taken to infuse flavour into every dish, and the sheer dedication to creating unforgettable and delicious meals.

Grand Harbour Marina, spoke with Marcus and Debbie who have been berthing their 50ft sailboat at Grand Harbour Marina for the past 4 years and are die hard foodies. With a culinary background they take food seriously and have given us some tips of where is best to wine and dine around the 3 cities of the Grand Harbour within walking distance of their berth.

50 Boutique Bistro

The latest edition of restaurants to be found down at the marina. Open for breakfast lunch and dinner and boasting a passion for food and service with a smile. “You can literally step off your boat and right into the bistro at any time of day!”

Hammetts Macina Restaurant

The perfect spot for a fine dining experience. With an intricate menu led by a multi-award winning    team and situated in a tentative UNESCO World Heritage site of a 16th century fortification.  Dining al fresco is an unforgettable experience in the warmer months when the imposing bastions, the fortified city of Birgu and spectacular harbour are illuminated by traditional firework displays. During the colder months patrons will enjoy the fortified walls in the company of world class wines from the wine cellar.


Found right on the waters edge of the Senglea Seafront looking back onto the marina. This venue specialises in Asian Cuisine with a vast variety of dishes prepared fresh, on the spot and at a reasonable price. Fresh sushi and spring rolls made in house and to order.

Old Bakery Pizzeria

Found in Senglea just opposite the marina is a quaint and intimate venue serving authentic Napoliatno Style Pizza’s boasting the freshest of ingredients. Extremely friendly and attentive staff giving a charming atmosphere to the venue and also giving the option to cater to specific requests.


Charming venue in the heart of Birgu with a home away from home feel serving up impeccable Maltese cuisine. A meal here is treated more as an unforgettable experience. Each recipe is prepared with local and seasonal produce which is sourced daily and prepared within hours of purchase. Wines can then be matched with the menu chosen.

Osteria Ve

Tucked away in the backstreet of a 17th century town house, run by a Venetian couple producing simple food with only the best of ingredients and boasting the best Aperol Spitz on the island.


An intimate dining experience catering for no more than 6 guests found in the heart of the three cities. The philosophy behind this venue is that the owners believe there is a story to be told about the food and people who live on the Maltese Islands. There is complexity yet simplicity, dishes inspired by the sun and sea where meals tell a local story shared around a table with loved ones.


A great little café opening early for coffees and fresh local pastries pastizzi a 1-minute walk from the marina. Fantastic place which is full of life and perfect for grabbing amenities such as milk, bread and nibbles before heading out for a sail.

Lapo Luke

A modern yet relaxing new concept which was introduced at the Birgu Waterfront where Latin American food and Asian specialities are served with the finest ingredients. A perfect venue for light lunch or relaxing dinner whilst enjoying the vies of the marina, a stones throw away from the maritime museum.

Harbour Club

Although not quite accessible by foot, Harbour Club is located right across the marina. With a quick ferry or gondola ride, it is the best way to take in the wonders of the 3 cities and Capital of Valletta. Inspired by the Grand Harbour, this venue rewards diners with a holistic experience influencing all senses with a Mediterranean style and French influence. Extremely chic and classy with incredible views overlooking the Grand Harbour Marina.


To book a berth at Grand Harbour Marina, click here.

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