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Introducing another eco-project at the award-winning Cesme Marina in Turkey

Cesme Marina is a proactive and eco-friendly marina located just outside of Izmir in Turkey.

The team at Cesme Marina are committed to offering an exceptional environment for all who use the Marina, and have now announced the 'Coral Planting Project' to help promote the marinas eco-credentials even further.


Çeşme Marina, which previously worked on ‘Squid Nests’ and ‘Trepangs’ projects, started a new project; ‘Coral Planting Project.’

Can Akaltan CMM General Manager at Cesme Marina comments:

“Coral is very important for the ecosystem. With this coral in our marina environment, we will host thousands of fish species and contribute to Çeşme Sea Tourism. We sincerely thank our stakeholder Derin Doğa Diving Centre and Mr. Erdinç Ergün for this project.”

Within the scope of the project, 3 coral nests prepared by the employees from the used materials were left inside the marina.

The corals and sponges will grow in a controlled environment in these nests and when they reach a certain size, they will be moved to the main diving centres in Çeşme in cooperation with Derin Doğa Diving Centre.


We will keep you updated with the Coral Project!

To book a berth at Cesme Marina, click here.

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