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The start of a World Cruise Adventure – from The Aegean Seas to afar

Cesme Marina is the award-winning marina destination located just outside of Izmir, Turkey. Famed for its northeast winds, Cesme Marina is committed to promoting the areas sailing heritage and is delighted to support Captain Cem Akdeniz who is shortly about to embark on a world cruise; sailing the 7 seas.

MYSLAND is a private 24m sailing yacht which has been berthed at Cesme Marina for a number of years. Last year Captain Cem met with the owner, and they decided to plan to travel the world.


Speaking with Captain Cem before the yachts departure at Cesme Marina, Cem comments, “It was a year ago that we met, and it has taken this amount of time to plan our dream. Our chosen route is to start from Cesme Marina and follow the route of the Mediterranean-North Europe-Atlantic Ocean Crossing-North America-South America Ocean-New Zealand-Australia. Most probably it will take 3 years, if everything goes well!”

The boat owner will be apart of the crew for the duration of the yachts adventure, along with the Captain Cem and 2 more crew.

Cem continues:

“Our hardest challenge no doubt will be navigating the Atlantic Ocean. We will continue our journey with our core crew, but we will need more crew whilst crossing this ocean between the Canary Islands to the Caribbean Islands.”

Provisions on board the yacht have been loaded to last approximately 5 months, after this time, the provisions of tea, nuts and sanitation products will be replaced. Cesme Marina will continue to follow Captain Cem and the journey, helping plot necessary courses and help in aiding marina communications and berthing advice.

Can Akaltan CMM and General Manager at Cesme Marina comments,

“The whole team at Cesme Marina is incredibly excited for Captain Cem and the owner of the yacht, and eagerly await news and information of their latest whereabouts. We are happy to support our fellow sailors and look forward to their news and progress from around the world!”


To book a berth at Cesme Marina, click here.

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