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Camper & Nicholsons Marinas IC Çeşme Marina wins Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice

Camper & Nicholsons Marinas is proud to announce that its Çeşme Marina in Turkey has won a Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice 2017. The awards will be presented in a special ceremony at
 the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Palace in London on Monday 6th November 2017.

We interviewed Can Akaltan, CMM, General Manager about the award and the green initiatives at the heart of Çeşme Marina's ethos.

“I am delighted we are one of the winners of the International Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice. I am also very proud to state that, we won this award when sustainability is becoming the key future challenge for the world. I would like to sincerely thank everyone at Çeşme Marina for their effort and dedication to sustainability and to Camper & Nicholsons Marinas who contributed to the application process.”

Çeşme Marina produces natural olive oil from olive trees that were planted, grown and are now nurtured and maintained by marina staff.

There are many long-term benefits of growing the olive trees at Çeşme Marina to be enjoyed by the local community and international visitors, not least of which is the festival-like event in harvesting the olives which is very much enjoyed by all.

Turkish Law already protects Olive trees and gum wood trees in Turkey ensuring that all future guests of Çeşme Marina will both have the chance to see the olive trees and enjoy the taste of the olive oil for many generations to come.

Can Akaltan, CMM, General Manager also commented:

“The aim of planting the olive trees at the marina has been to create wonderful flora and fauna within the marina environment for all to enjoy whilst visiting the estate. Olive trees were the plant of choice due to their direct association with the Aegean region. We are pleased to showcase our national culture and natural produce from our country to our international and local visitors, and always hope they will enjoy and appreciate them as much as we do.”


360° benefits

The marina shares the authentic and natural Aegean olive oil with friends, family and associates to the marina, and produces enough oil to last throughout the year. It has many intrinsic benefits to both the environment and the health & wellbeing of all those who grow and consume it.


The olive oil produced is a natural resource produced by the marina. It is a sustainable, ethical, locally sourced, organic product created from trees naturally found in the region. The trees also filter the water that eventually runs into the marina.


The olive trees are carefully looked after throughout the year, harvested by staff, family and friends of the marina, and bottled close to source. The olive oil is carefully branded and stored to ensure longevity and given as a gift to special visitors and VIP guests of Çeşme Marina.

“I am delighted we are one of the winners of the International Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice. I am also very proud to state that, we won an Environmental Best Practice award when sustainability is becoming the key future challenge for the world. I would like to sincerely thank everyone at Çeşme Marina.”

Physical health

The ‘typical’ Mediterranean diet of fresh, organic and locally sourced food is globally recognized as being one of the healthiest diets in the world. Olive oil is a staple of this diet and has great nutritional value. Olive oil is also used as a raw material in the medical and cosmetics sector. Olive oil and the olive leaf have been scientifically proven to protect us from diseases, and is considered an essential part of maintaining physical health.

Çeşme Marina are always looking at ways to evolve and future-proof its strong brand and improve the environment. Being an award-winning and successful marina, catering for local and international visitors means it has a global influence and is looked upon by many as an example of best practice and thoughtful design. The olive trees and olive oil produced gives the marina the opportunity to communicate the message of being traditionally Aegean and environmentally conscientious to an international audience.

Future-proofing the surrounding environment and ensuring future generations will be able to benefit from the olive trees is what the marina team are striving for, ensuring they keep the olive tree and olive oil project very much alive.

Can Akaltan, CMM, commented:

“We would love to see this inititive rolled out all over the Mediterranean. We have proven that with a little time and money to buy the first few trees, you can create something enjoyable, sustainable and memorable for all involved. A huge amount of team effort from the Çeşme Marina staff and their families have helped to create the olive oil from the trees. Without this commitment and support it would not be so successful. Luckily, this is an activity which has been embraced by our people and their willingness to help and get involved is greatly valued and appreciated.”

Now, as an International Green Apple Award winner, Çeşme Marina is eligible to become a Green World Ambassador, representing the company and Turkey in the Green World Awards 2018. This would give them an accolade from the top environmental awards programme which attracts entries from all around the world. Green World Ambassadors play a vital part in supporting the cause of helping others to help the environment.

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