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Cesme Marina in Izmir, Turkey continues to develop marina ecosystems

Cesme Marina is committed to forging new and exciting developments to help support marine ecosystems.

Cesme Marina is delighted to announce that squid nests planted into the marina in March 2019, have been checked by Mr. Erdinc of Derin Doğa Diving Centre, and we are pleased to report that they are now full with squid eggs!


Squid are important to the ecosystem as both predator and prey, they contribute to the ecosystem by acting as keystone species in marine food webs providing food for other creatures such as sharks, seals, whales, dolphins, seabirds, deep-sea fish, and other squid.

In a single day, a sperm whale can eat 700 to 800 squid and a Risso’s dolphin entangled in a net in the Mediterranean was found to have eaten angel clubhook squid, umbrella squid, reverse jewel squid and European flying squid, all identifiable from their indigestible beaks.


Can Akaltan CMM, General Manager at IC Cesme Marina comments,

“It is great to see that the wonderful idea of helping encourage more marine life in the marina and local area is having a positive effect. We have been monitoring the squid nests for some time, and I am delighted to be able to share some new pictures and information promoting the success. We are always thinking of new ideas to help sustain and encourage marine life in our oceans and we are all very happy to receive such great news from Mr. Erdinc.”


Award-winning Cesme Marina is a jewel in the Aegean Seas. Constantly developing sustainability concepts to help benefit the flora and fauna of the marina environment, the marina has won many international accolades, including the Green Apple Award 2017, Green World Awards 2018, PIANC Marine Excellence Design Award 2014, “Best Marina” title at the Golden Anchor Awards 2011 and “Best architectural project” title at Arkitera Architectural Awards in 2010.

The squid eggs will mature for another 2 months, when they will then hatch to further explore the Aegean Seas!

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