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Grand Harbour Marina at full capacity with Super Yachts & acts as a stunning backdrop to the start of the Rolex Middle Sea Race 2018

The 2018 Golden Jubilee Edition of Malta’s most prominent yachting race was definitely one of the biggest to date.

As per tradition, Grand Harbour Marina was more than honoured to show its support to the event by hosting a number of Maxi Yachts and its crew; the marina also acted as a stunning backdrop to the start of the race with it’s Super Yacht Berths being at full capacity this year.


A record breaking fleet of 130 yachts representing 29 countries embarked on the race with the same drive, ambition and passion which has come to define this famous international offshore race throughout the past five decades.



Emma Cassar, PR & Events Manager at Grand Harbour Marina comments, “Being such a prestigious year for the Race, we decided to organise a private viewing for our resident captains and yacht crew at the infamous Gardjola Gardens perched on the bastions with Panoramic views of Valletta and the Grand Harbour, an ideal viewing point for all guests to enjoy the start of the Race.”

Whether you are a fan of sailing or not, if you are in the yachting industry you cannot help but appreciate the challenge put on these seamen as they tackle the 600 nautical mile course around some of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful yet challenging waters. It takes bravery, commitment and spirit for adventure which was definitely respected across the board.

Guests were given binoculars on arrival to be able to get up close to the action whilst enjoying some live background music and light refreshments. The atmosphere between the crowd was filled with excitement with the sound of canon fire from the Saluting Battery signalling the start of the Race.


Emma Cassar continues, “It is fantastic to see like minded yachtsmen get together and be able to witness such a gorgeous start which we are blessed to have enjoyed for the past 50 years and we hope to keep the tradition up for many years to come.”

To be apart of the events taking place at Grand Harbour Marina, click here to book a berth.

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