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International Day of the Seafarer and thinking ‘green’, Camper & Nicholsons Grand Harbour Marina Clean Up Campaign

To work within the yachting industry, whether based on land or out at sea we cannot help but have one thing in common; a genuine love, passion and respect for our oceans, where we choose to work and spend so much of our time.

In honour of this respect, Camper & Nicholsons Grand Harbour Marina in Malta decided to organise it's first of many Clean Up Campaigns held on the 25th of June 2018, to coincide with the International Day of the Seafarer.


With this in mind Grand Harbour Marina sent out invitations to all yacht crew, office staff and  managers, locals and boat owners to encourage participation and create a cleaner community, which works hand in hand to keep the environment in good order.

Emma Cassar, PR & Event Coordinator Grand Harbour Marina, commented, “It is not just about cleaning the marina and its water, it is about creating environmental awareness to prompt others into adapting a similar mindset and do their part on a daily basis. World Ocean Day also falls in this month, a day dedicated purely to connect people all over the world to celebrate our ocean and create a better future, so we thought that there really couldn’t be a better time to help out and help make a difference!”

Gordon Vassallo Marina Manager Grand Harbour Marina continued, “Garbage bags in hand, we tackled the issue from both land and sea, walking along the marina foreshore collecting any rubbish found, as well as skimming the surface of the harbour for floating debris and also diving under the quay collecting waste found at the bottom of the marina bed. The aim of our Clean Up Campaigns going-forward is to create a culture at the marina dock which attracts like-minded, responsible, clientele who adopt similar boating practices. No-one likes to see rubbish in the water, least of all our guests”


The rubbish collected was separated into recyclables and  disposed of by the local council. To reward the success of the great Clean Up, the event was then followed by a delicious lunch provided by local company Bradbury Superyachts Provisioning, located by the Grand Harbour Marina front office, for all participants involved to enjoy.


Emma Cassar continues, “Everyone at Grand Harbour Marina feels that the event was a great success and we’re are so pleased with the positive turnout and are truly grateful  to all those involved! Whether yacht crew or marina staff, yacht owners or locals of the community, everyone came together and worked as a team to promote the same core values felt between us all. A clean marina is a happy marina!”


Grand Harbour Marina is a Camper & Nicholsons Marina, and we do not simply comply with standard marina regulations, moreover we wish to take it a step further and start being seen as a marina which actively tries to protect and preserve the environment. Thinking ‘Green’ and adopting an eco-friendly mindset signifies support and protection towards our environment.


To book a berth at Grand Harbour Marina or take part in the next Clean Up, click here to be in touch.

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