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Port Louis Marina collaborating with Marine & Yachting Association of Grenada to support the marine industry in the Caribbean

Camper & Nicholsons Port Louis Marina have been working closely with MAYAG (Marine & Yachting Association of Grenada) in assisting the yachting community in Grenada and the Caribbean with advice and information for those boats who are sheltering in and around Grenada.

A new yacht registry portal has been created to better communicate relevant marine information, available provision companies, plus direct communication with marina destinations and boatyard facilities.

Charlotte Fairhead, Marina Manager at Port Louis Marina comments,

“We are delighted to cooperate with the greater marine industry especially MAYAG. We are using the yacht registry portal to better understand our customer requirements during this time, and helpfully communicate relevant marine news and updates. It is brilliant to be able to support our customers in this way.”


Charlotte Fairhead is one of six members of the MAYAG Covid-19 sub-committee which is helping pioneer discussion and influence to help keep the marine industry within Grenada up to date with client requests and relevant information including health and safety of yachtsmen and women in Grenada.

With the sub-committee support, MAYAG have setup the yacht registry called Grenada Lima. The purpose of which is to gather data on boats currently in Grenada and more importantly, boats planning on coming to Grenada for the imminent hurricane season.

Any boat owner who is still considering  Grenada and Camper & Nicholsons Port Louis Marina for Hurricane Season should register on Grenada Lima by clicking here.

Charlotte Fairhead continues,

“We will use consolidated data from Grenada Lima to support the protocol discussion we are currently having the Ministry of Health and other officials. Any data shared will be consolidated and no individual boat information will be shared. Please be assured that MAYAG have a strict privacy policy associated with this database.”

At the moment, all port of entries in Grenada are closed, and yachts are not allowed to clear into Grenada. MAYAG and the sub-committee are working hard to allow boats to come to Grenada soon, in a control manner for the safety of both Grenadians and visitors.

If you wish to receive updates on any new developments relevant to Grenada and Port Louis Marina, please register your details here.

If you need further information from Port Louis Marina, please click here.

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