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The 4th edition of the Viking Explorers Rally Kicks Off in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria enroute to Port Louis Marina, Grenada

The fourth edition of the Viking Explorers Rally will land for the first time in beautiful Grenada, the spice island of the Caribbean.

The rally Viking Explorers has been so far a tremendous success with this year´s event being indeed a very special one due to the Pandemic.


The Viking Explorer team has had huge support by many, where everyone has contributed to the success, adapting to the continuous changing health protocols. A big challenge for the participants was to reach the Canary Islands, and to follow the constant health protocol changes.


With 9 boats on this years event,ranging from 35 to 52 ft from 11 different countries, the participants are keen cruisers that agree to the rally’s ethos of helping each other as much as possible.

Carlota Texeira, native Canarian and PR for the Viking Explorers:

“With this exclusive smaller group we can concentrate more on each participant and it does increase also the safety factor and everybody gets to know each other.”


Since the 13th of December, participants have enjoyed safety seminars, provisioning and first aid seminars, and the new and well accepted seminar “Tricks and Tips for the Caribbean.”


The crews will depart Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on the 6th of January and will arrive some 2800 miles later in Port Louis Marina, in Grenada. This year, some boats will stop in Mindelo some 850 miles from the Canary Islands to stock up, and continue their way across the Atlantic. Others, have decided to take the direct route.

This is the first year the Viking Explorers will arrive in Grenada, and the Grenada Tourism Authority, Camper & Nicholson Port Louis Marina and Westerhall Rum will welcome the sailors and make them feel like at home.

Carlota Texeira continues:

“It is an honor for these sailors after such an achievement and arriving weeks later on this side of the Atlantic. The concept of Viking Explorers seems to be liked by real cruisers wanting to cross the social way, in a smaller group, as we say “The Viking Explorers Family” and the organizers are looking already into the 5th edition with already 8 confirmed entry and many on the preliminary list.”

To book a berth at Port Louis Marina, click here.

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