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International & fast connections from Grenada with the IAM Jet Centre

Port Louis Marina is offering unrivalled facilities for superyachts and yachts in the Southern Caribbean.

To ensure your travel connections are not interrupted during this time, our company partner IAM Jet Centre is available for international connections.


The private jet terminal with IAM Jet Centre approximately 15 minutes away from the Port Louis Marina and offers international flights to the US, Europe and further afield. With travel still necessary, the discreet private jet services are a valuable solution suitable for boat owners and guests.



The luxurious 4,200 sq ft FBO was specially designed to compliment Grenada’s growing status as one of the Caribbean’s premier yachting and high-end resort destinations.

As part of the IAM Jet Centre brand, the Grenada FBO offers an elegant and purposeful mix of indulging comforts and VIP conveniences… from finely appointed lounge spaces, deluxe catering options and spa shower facilities to private Customs and Immigration processing, high speed wifi, luxury golf cart transportation to / from your aircraft and state-of-art security screening.


IAM Jet Centre Grenada is also proud to host British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airways premium passengers travelling on their London services. Passengers enjoy the creature comforts normally reserved for private jet travellers in the FBO while escaping the crowds in the public terminal area.

To be in touch with IAM Jet Centre, click here.

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