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Q&A with Mr. Olivier Vitters at Cesme Marina - This Summer Season

This summer season, the team at Cesme Marina speak with Annual Berth Holder, Mr. Olivier Vitters, about why he berths at Turkey’s most premium berthing destination, taking advantage of the extremely good value for money.

Olivier Vitters is a committed sailor who keeps his yacht ‘Plan B’ at Camper & Nicholsons Marina in Cesme in south west Turkey. Chatting with Can Akaltan CMM General Manager of the Marina, he speaks about why he berths and sails in Cesme.

Why did you choose Cesme Marina?

Choosing to berth at Cesme Marina, year – on – year for my family was an exercise in keeping away from the crowds of people and other boats in destinations such as Marmaris, Fethiye or Bodrum. With a less intense atmosphere than other marinas in Turkey, Cesme Marina provides a safe and secure comfortable sailing experience, with the added benefit of being apart of a destination that is local and authentic; did I mention the food and wine!

Mr. Vitters comments,

“With the strength of the Euro vs the Tl (€ 6.5 – Tl 1) the cost of berthing and running a boat has never been more attractive. And more and more western boat owners are beginning to appreciate and enjoy the genuine value and service quality available at marinas in Turkey. Combined with this is the additional benefit of duty-free fuel at Cesme Marina, making the cost of running a boat even more attractive.” Comments Olivier Vetter.

In addition to cost taking full advantage of the offers available exclusively to annual berth holders including ‘cruising credits’ whilst sailing in the destinations with the Aegean Seas, ‘makes planning a trip well worthwhile’ before the summer season kicks off.

Putting value for money and annual benefits to one side, what else makes Cesme Marina your preferred home port?

Firstly, it was recommended to me by an expert yachtmaster and solo sailor because of excellent facilities and services and that Izmir is on the quieter side of the main summer ‘Meltemi’ winds, which are much stronger on the Western side of Chios.

Secondly, because the hauling out services and space are outstanding, professional and helpful.

Thirdly, because of the abundance of service providers in and around the Marina, whether you just need a special stainless steel bolt or to arrange for anti-fouling and electronics installation.

Lastly, it has always been practical for me to do so as less than one hour from Izmir airport, served  by an amazing 6 lane super highway almost to the marina entrance!

Where do you sail and explore from Cesme?

I usually check into and out of Greek waters in Chios, just a one hour crossing, so very practical and the opportunity to stock up on things not readily available in Turkey. From there I can venture north, south or west, keeping in mind that Chios itself offers some great anchorages and small ports to wait out any heavy or insufficient winds.

What is your favourite place to visit – either by boat or by car or land

I would need pages for that, given that I have come to know the country over 11 years. It really depends what you like to do, and you can do a lot in the region. But from Izmir you can fly directly to most Anatolian cities and from there see wonders. Depending on seasons, tastes and wishes, you can enjoy deep sea or bottom fishing, wild boar hunting, spear fishing, some scuba diving here and there, great trekking, visiting endless historical sites and making those special stops in favourite restaurants. By boat, Langada and Emborios in Chios, Plomarion in Lesbos, Sarpdere in Turkey.


“I feel like I am in a world class marina yacht club, but not over-shadowed by mega or super yachts and what comes with them. But there are plenty of beautiful boats to admire…”

Commenting on the Cesme Marinas, ‘I am Happy Here’ promotion, Olivier’s family and friends visit twice a year for extended periods in May-June and September-October.  Friends fly into the nearby international airport in Izmir serviced by numerous German airlines (Sun Express & Lufthansa), or Turkish Airlines through Istanbul. Pegasus and Qatar also serve visitors from the Middle East.

What do you most like or appreciate most when being at Cesme Marina?

It is a very Turkish atmosphere, open, hospitable, helpful, as is the culture in general. I have made many friends in the marina, including Onur at Pianura Marine, who is a real professional and speaks perfect English. And, with a merchant marine background, he can often sort out small issues through the right connections.

Mr. Vitters comments,

“Cesme Marina has a helpful approach, quick response in making life easier and a fantastically secure marina. I use the team at Cesme Marina to help me with the wintering arrangements, and I take great advantage of the storage, maintenance and anti-foul facilities available to me at Cesme Marina.”

It is a great testament to the team at Cesme Marina to encourage a customer to come back-year on year. To book a berth at Cesme Marina, click here.

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